Process Record Slide (PRS)

PRS Offers Comprehensive and High-Quality Solutions

Process Record Slide (PRS) is innovated with a purpose to fulfill the ever-missing control link in the global laboratory quality control system.

Its purpose is to combine the functions of control material and calibrator which strictly complies with WHO’s requirement.

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Improve patient care

Get accurate results faster, helping to enhance laboratory workflow and patient care


Promote staff satisfaction

Make your laboratory personnel more productive by reducing manual intervention


Streamline operational efficiency

Liberate workspace with our reliable Process Record Slide while fully meeting your needs for pre- and post-analytical systems


Strengthen financial health

Realize the cost savings of analytical testing

Tool For Effective Decision Making

Quality Assurance and Diagnostic Interpretation

Accurate and Reliable Results

Why Choose Process Record Slide?

A significant advantage of the PRS architecture is the ability to extrapolate a primary density ruler from a secondary gradient array.

The secondary Mouse and Rabbit protein gradient density series establishes how the secondary stain kit behaves. Both Mouse and Rabbit are provided as the secondary stain and often have a noticeable difference in stain density between the two secondary proteins even if the arrays have matching protein densities. Additionally, the primary antibody is grown on only one species so the user must use the appropriate match.

IHC staining

Get an effective record of the IHC staining experience

QC Evaluation

Target data provides objective QC evaluation of the processing experience

Concentration Ruler

Target data forms the basis of an antigen concentration ruler


The ruler provides digital imaging baseline for pre-screening

Imaging Adjustment

The ruler supports imaging adjustment for best diagnostic interpretation by the viewing Pathologist

PRS and Tissue Section

Second opinions are possible as the processing experience is captured in the PRS targets, which all have known behaviors. Thus any shift from normal is identified and, within reason, correctable through digital image processing.

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